kid talk about buying

I have a friend who takes my son out for a date, my son always get excited every time she would text me and say, she will be taking him out. She would take my son wherever he wants, it would be a 3 to 5 hour date. She is like family to us so we trust her with my son. One day, she took my son to toys r us, she was planning to buy him something from the store because every time she takes him out, he would suggest going to the park, eating at chickfila so that he can play with the other kids and nothing more. She always wonder why he wouldnt ask for a toy or any other thing. So, she test is out by taking him to toys r us. The conversation goes this way..

my friend: this is toys r us, i want you to check out the toys and tell me what toys you like

son: oh, i love toys..i like the train, its my favorite..

my friend: why dont you choose a toy then i will buy it for you.

son: thank you but you dont buy what you want, you buy what you need…

my friend: it’s ok, i will buy you a toy that you want

son: but i have toys at home, you only buy what you need, not what you want..

my friend: its ok, we will tell mom and dad that its a gift from me.

son: but its not my birthday and you only buy what you need not what you want..when we come here at toys r us, i play with the toys here and when im done, we go home.

my friend: ok then, we will go home when you are done playing.

So to make the story short, they went home and my friend was telling me that she convinced him more than 20 times to buy a toy but he outrightly refused her more than 20 times and say he doesnt need it…I just wish, his mind will not be poison by too much technology nowadays…he is 5 so it is too early to tell..crossing fingers..


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