talk about buying part 2

I was in a grocery store with my son over the weekend and we have the following conversation:

son: mom, do you have money?

i: why do u ask?

son: i was hoping i could buy something…is $1.05 expensive?

i: it depends on what it is, what do u want to buy?

son: its not something that i need, its something that i want only…i really like to eat M n M…

i: ah ok… (i felt guilty after what he said…i finally cave in and put the M n M in the grocery cart)

son: oh wow! are you buying M n M for me? thank you mom, i know we dont need it…thank you…(saying this while hugging me)

i: there are times when u have to buy what u want, u just have to make sure that u use your extra money and not borrow money for something that u can live without…its like rewarding urself…u have to make sure that u learn how to save money…

son: ok…thats good…in happy u have extra money for my M n M because im ok if u will not buy it… i know its not healthy anyway…

i: thank u for understanding…


17 thoughts on “talk about buying part 2

      1. hahaha… i guess i am just the vessel for this kid to be born on earth..hehehehe..i dont even know if he has my genes..Lol… i actually dont know where he gets all this idea…my coworker likes to talk to him, its like he is an adult trapped in a 5 year old body


  1. I’m impressed by lessons you are teaching your son. The difference between Needs and wants are what makes for happy lives. When you know you have what you need then you cease to look around at what ‘others have’ and clearly KNOW they are not needs but WANTS. Sometimes adults fool themselves into thinking that their needs are not being met by God yet many things they even pray for are not needs but wants. Many can indeed be totally ‘self gratifying’ Borrowing or demanding outside of need in life I believe can become sinful for what they desire in its beguiling is deception.

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    1. i have been teaching him between wants and needs because i dont want him to feel entitled, that’s how i observed some of the people being born in this country.. i grew up in a third world country, i was happy and content with what we have..most of the time, we didnt have what we need which are the basic necessities but we learn to cope and be satisfied of what is provided by God…relationship/hope and making things happen matters than material things…

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