kid talk about choices

Before my son turned 5, i asked him what he wanted on his birthday. I made him choose between having a party with his friends or a family vacation. I gave him time to think, i told him that he has 3 days to think about it. So after 3 days:

i: son, have u decided on what you want on your birthday? 

son: yes, i have decided. It was hard to choose because this would be my 1st birthday party ever if i choose a party. If i choose a vacation, we could travel outside US and i would be able to ride the airplane again.

i: so, what is your choice?

son: i choose a vacation with family.

i: why? dont u want to have a party? dont u like gifts from friends?

son: oh! i like it but i choose vacation so that baby, you and dad can also enjoy. I like to travel, remember? It would be so much fun, i would be able to ride the airplane again and visit our family in the Philippines.

i: are u sure about this?

son: im sure about my choice. Both are fun but i guess traveling is so much fun because we will do it for weeks, a birthday party is just one day.

i: good thinking and good choice.. Do you know that there will be a time when you would rather spend time with friends than family? Or would rather have a party than vacation?

son: i didnt know that. Maybe by that time, i will still choose a vacation over a party.

i: we will see 😊


7 thoughts on “kid talk about choices

  1. Hi Smart and Funny Talk,
    In response to what you wrote, your son sounds pretty mature already at such a young age. How heart-warming– he is doing what is best for all of you over a party that would be just for him.
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  2. Lovely post. I hope he will all the days of his life he’ll make careful choices like this. Think them through. So young he could see the ‘big picture’. Many adults will choose ‘what is the immediate and instantly pleasurable. Nurture your son and encouraging him always to think about choices.

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    1. i try…i also want him to make bad choices so that he will learn…i just hope when he make bad choices, i will be there to witness it… i try to tell him that when we make mistakes thats when we learn more…however, it depends on the personality i guess..if we become weak to overcome this challenges, thats when its really a problem…


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