kid talk about secret

One night, i overheard my husband and my son talking about a secret. It seems like my son has a secret that he doesnt want to share to my husband. I was really worried because he just started going to school to try being in a school and will be back to doing homeschooling in case he prefers to do so. My son was telling my husband that the secret was about school. In effect, many things came to my mind, i was thinking that a kid was not being nice to him or he did not listen to his teacher or he ask her a very complicated question and the teacher got annoyed. So i join in their conversation and nonchalantly said:

i: can u give me a clue about this secret?

son: oh, i dont think so because it is really not important.

i: just let me guess then…u have to give me a clue first.

son: it is not really important, i dont need it… 

i: just tell me the first letter of this secret…is it scary or funny?

son: none, it starts with letter y…

i: is it yum?

son: how did u know? u guessed it!

i: is it about a food in school?

son: yes mom! but i dont need it because we have it in the house…

i: is it a food that u want to buy during snacks?

son: yes, but it is expensive… do we have money? we need the money to pay our bills…

i: what food is it?

son: it’s milk but i have milk at home already…its a different milk in school, its cold and in a small box…not like my powder milk at home…it is also expensive…

i: how much is it then? if u want it and if u will drink it, u can buy it…

son: it is 30 cents mom…i dont have to buy it, i have milk at home…

i: u can buy it! how many will u drink? (i almost cried when he told me the price and the reason why he wouldnt tell us, he is aware of finances and he knows to be practical at 5 years old)

son: i only need 1 box of milk mom….thank u! the milk in school has different flavors too…

i: that is good, i will give u money tom and u can always tell me if u need to buy something else as long as u will not waste it…there might be times though when i will tell u not now because we have other priorities but u have to try to ask…

son: of course mom! i know that… i will let u know tomorrow if the milk is really good in school….

4 thoughts on “kid talk about secret

  1. Please keep sharing. It brings you and your family into my personal focus. Ok if I then offer up a prayer for beauty and love to always flow between you all. Your blogging always stirs my heart to care. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank u faye…i also look forward for ur input all the time…thanks for the prayers….we really need it especially this week…this week has been really rough for all of us…we almost got into an accident but all is well with God’s grace…have a blessed week…


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